Hosted by The Albany Vintage and Classic Motor Club, Port Alfred.
History of the OD Inggs Memorial Run

The OD Inggs Memorial Run is held annually in honour of classic automobile enthusiast Oliver Douglas Inggs who passed away at the age of 88 in 1997.

Inggs ran a funeral business in Grahamstown and was one of the greatest collectors and restorers of old automobiles in Southern Africa. The run is entered by members of the Albany Vintage and Classic Motor Club (hosts), the Queenstown Automobile Club, the Border Vintage Car Club and the Eastern Province Veteran Car Club.

Although an officially registered motorsport event, this regularity run rewards driving accuracy rather than speed. Competitors receive route schedules half an hour prior to their departure times (at one minute apart).

The schedules indicate numerous required speed changes and times at which certain landmarks must be arrived at along the way, often only seconds apart. Speedometers are covered up with tape, and the average speed required never exceeds 90 km/h.

Marshals are dotted along the route, dishing out penalty points for each second that a competitor is early or late.

Penalty points accrue for each second the competitors are early or late so the crew with the least penalty points wins the event.

Vehicles entered come from locations like Port Alfred, Grahamstown, Queenstown, East London, Port Elizabeth, George and further afield.

The event is restricted to 40 entries.

The run is officially approved by The Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association (SAVVA) and is for cars and motorcycles manufactured on or before 31st December 1980.

The 2014 Event by Ron Gush, with  help from Matthew Gouws taking pictures
Over 45 people gathered on Friday evening at the Clubhouse for a bring and braai. Visitors came from as far as Cape Town, Kimberley, Joburg and Plett. Old friendships were renewed, new  friendships made and all topics discussed from past rallies to water pumps and prostrate problems.

Saturday dawned bright and clear. It was very good to see Roger and Sue Darkes at the start. Roger has not been well, has had surgery and is recuperating at home. Good also to see Gill  Wilson, helping George as marshall. We remember Allan as a fiesty past member. 22 cars were prepared and scrutineered for the run.

Hot weather had been forecast and this time they got it right. Big time! The north east wind came down like a blast furnace and max temperatures in the low forties were reported from Nanaga and Bathurst. Nevertheless the cars set off bright eyed and bushy tailed from Rosehill Mall from 08h31, heading for Grahamstown. It wasn't long before some cars were protesting with either boiling radiators or vaporising petrol. The head wind into Grahamstown helped, albeit a very hot wind. Left turn onto the N2 and racing down Howison's Poort to catch up time  lost on the hills. Left towards Salem / Kenton-on-Sea, hoping that the downhill would drop the temperature gauge a bit but the following wind kept it soaring. Right turn towards Nanaga where we stopped for lunch at the farm stall. The air conditioned restaurant was heavenly, and I mentioned that I could happily sit there all afternoon. But my navigator was having none  of that. After a few very welcome drinks and a pie, we were off, up the hill and onwards to Grahamstown.
At lunch, Chairman / Clerk of the Course Charles thanked his team for all of their hard work preparing for the rally. He thanked our main sponsor BUCO Hardware, represented by manager  Vanessa Gerber. He also thanked those who generously donated spot prizes. They were:

Beavers - 4 x R50 meal vouchers
Midas - 2 x R100 vouchers
Des Hill - Picnic bag with braai utensils
Coastal Spares - Car wash kit and anti-rust lubricant
I-Hire - Flymo electric power trimmer
Kowie Toyota - 2 x portable braai utensil packs
BUCO Hardware - 2 x Shield car care kits, Merenski cooler bag, 3 BUCO shirts, 4 BUCO caps, 2 ratchet tie down straps, 2 long life torches, 31 Sunshine Coast CDs, 2 x Diamond Guard  Platinum wash and shine, a 6 piece screwdriver set, survival knife.
Rosehill Shopping Complex - Supply of sandwiches at the start of each day.

Dave Alexander, Chairman of SAVVA, was invited to say a few words. He congratulated Matthew Gouws as the youngest navigator on the run, making mention that it was good to see  young blood in what is normally an old man's sport.

Dave also noted, in an amusing anecdote, how SAVVA had recently argued successfully that cars built before 1965 do not require roadworthy testing, not even on transfer of ownership  for a Special licence. The Dept of Transport had proposed that older cars be roadworthy tested every year. He thanked Peter Hall for his hard work and ingenuity in this achievement.

Dave noted further that insurance at club events such as this run was essential. In the event of any claim, he noted that the claimant would attack the driver, then the club and then  SAVVA and that the amount of a claim can easily exceed R1million. Few clubs can bear that level of risk.

General Manager of BUCO Hardware Port Alfred, Vanessa Gerber, handed over the prizes:

1st place Driver, The OD Inggs Memorial Trophy: Garth Todd
1st place Navigator, The Norbert Drager Trophy: Susan Todd
2nd place, The Linden Wheels Trophy: Ron Gush
3rd place, The Arch Car Sales Trophy: David Salzwedel
Club Team Trophy (most places in top 6): AVCMC
1st Lady Driver, The John Lee Trophy - not awarded as there was no lady driver
Oldest vehicle to complete the run, The Viv Hill Memorial Trophy: - Dave Alexander
There were a number of incidents on the route and Dave and Christiane Dicken were kept busy in the sweep truck. Ed and Paula Johnston withdrew their A55 with fuel pump problems.  Dave and Delene Hawkins MGB blew a welsh plug. Dave Alexander and Di Dugmore's 1928 Austin 7 Ulster suffered battery/charging failure and was towed to Stones Hill. Cliff and Lorraine's MG TD was towed to Bathurst with petrol vaporisation. Bruce Yendall's Chev required assistance getting up Howison's Poort, also with petrol vaporisation. During the morning, Peter Fulton received sad news that his mother had taken a bad turn and he withdrew to go to her in PE. Sadly, she passed away during the night and we extend our condolences to Peter and  his family. Div and Wilma De Villiers withdrew, finding the day simply too long and hot. Quite a few of us felt like doing that!

The run into Grahamstown sorted the men from the boys, car-wise of course. I was amazed how well the Austin Ten performed, overtaking several cars (whose drivers shall remain  nameless in order to save face) on the hills and being overtaken on the flats. Only going up Howison's Poort did I have to throttle back and gear down in order to keep the temperature  gauge in check! John Pringle said that his Citroen 2CV was not coping with the hills, but I have to say that I never caught sight of him - I started 2 minutes behind him - so those 2 little  cylinders sure know how to work together.

The home run down to Port Alfred and the cooler onshore wind, was very welcome. At the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club we handed in our STC cards and while some headed for the watering  hole, others headed home for much needed showers.
At dinner, I was amazed to find that Pam and I were in 3rd position! Some credit must go to Neville and Sue Koch who gave us some useful tips at last year's Milligan. Most of us retired to  bed shortly after dinner.

Sunday morning promised to be cooler and the run out to Fish River Sun for tea was all pleasure. It was good to see that Dave Alexander had got his Austin 7 Ulster going with a fresh  battery. Dave and Delene were also back on the road although now in an MG TD. Similarly, Ed and Paula completed the run in a modern car. Around the houses in Kleinemonde, on the way  out and back, and again in Port Alfred had some touches of deviousness. All in all the course schedule was clear and interesting, and we only missed one turn and needed to back up a little.

Sunday morning was not without incident though. Joe and Paulette's Merc 280SL developed a petrol leak. To his credit Joe was able to fix it and complete the run. But the incident cost him the 2nd (perhaps 1st ?) place! The Austin 7 lost a rear mudguard, thanks to Port Alfred's fearsome pot holes, and limped home with clutch failure, luckily engaged!
1st prize: Garth and Sue Todd
2nd prize: Ron and Pam Gush with Vanessa Gerber
3rd prize: David and Verena Salzwedel
The Winning Team: L to R: Pam and Ron Gush, Keith and Barbara Schroeder, Des Hill, Daphne McNeill, Matthew Gouws, Dave McNeill.
Below is a selection of photographs from the event by Bill Jukes
The Albany Vintage and Classic Motor Club (AVCMC)
Port Alfred, South Africa