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August 2018



From The Driver's Seat

By Peter Viner

The AGM took place on Thursday 19 th July and was well attended with standing
room only – thank you so much for those who attended and the valuable
feedback that was given during the meeting. The new committee met on
Thursday 26th July and I feel honoured to have been chosen by the committee
to be the chairman of our club for the forthcoming year. I will do my utmost to
do what is best for the club with the guidance and support of the new

On behalf of the club I would particularly like to thank Joe Janssens who has
been our chairman for the past three years – he has done a great deal for the
club and guided us through a difficult period when we lost our clubroom –
thank you Joe! I would also like to thank the outgoing members of the
committee, namely Rob Wallis and Roger Darkes for all the good work they did
over the recent years, especially in organising the various events.
We spent some time at the AGM discussing the future of the OD Inggs event –
as many of you will know we lost our 2 sponsors this year and we need to find
ways of making the event more attractive and encourage greater participation.
Bill Martin will be this year’s Co-ordinator for OD Inggs and I will support him –
we will shortly form a new sub-committee and we look forward to your
support. We were especially pleased when our new member, Colin Murphy
who is the CEO of Brake Hose & Component Supplies (Pty) Ltd, announced at
the AGM that he will provide some sponsorship. I would ask all of you to be
alive to any other opportunities for attracting sponsorship for our event.
Daphne McNeill made a suggestion that where possible our partners provide
the food for our monthly supper nights – I am delighted to say that Daphne will
be arranging a curry meal for our supper night on Thursday 19 th August –
Daphne has stressed that it will be a mild curry with curry sauces on hand for
those who like it hot!

Alf Steck is our new events organiser and he has not wasted any time in
organising an event for the last Saturday of August. We will be visiting Damant
Lodge and want as many members to take part in conveying residents from the
Lodge to our museum for them to look at our cars and those in the museum–
we will be providing them with coffee/tea/cake and biscuits before returning
them to Damant Lodge – please support this event – it will make for good
publicity for our club.



Through The Windscreen

(This is what lies ahead)



For Your Diary

Local Events

Thursday 2 August - 5 to 8pm - Supper at the noggin
Food will be sold on the first Thursday of each month
It might be hot dogs or hamburgers.

Thursday 9 August - 5 to 8pm - Motoring DVD during the noggin

Saturday 11 August - Bathurst Country Affaire
    Under consideration - members will be advised by SMS

Thursday 16 August - Supper Night
Curry (fairly mild) will be provided by Daphne McNeill for a small charge.

Saturday 25 August - 9am to noon - AVCMC Museum and Damant Lodge outing
Damant Lodge residents will be invited to the museum for tea and cakes

Events Further Afield

12 - 15 August - Magnum Rally - Mpumalanga area
Note the change of date
This will be the SAVVA National Rally - the 50th anniversary.

9 - 14 June 2019 - 50th Milligan Rally



Birthday Congratulations


4  Dave McNeill
14  Bill Martin
16  Norbert Drager
26  Hans Van Eck



Best Wishes

Mrs Bettine Hattingh has suffered a stroke and is seriously ill and our thoughts are with her and Ian at this difficult time.



For Sale: 1968 Volkswagen 1600A Sedan

Only one owner - late member Sigrid Drewes
Serviced regularly
Recent roadworthy certificate
In good running order
Twin carburettors
5 good tyres
Odometer shows 48000 miles, but might have been around the clock once
Original paint job and no visible rust - for most of its life it was based in Pretoria
The heating system is not functional
The car can be viewed in Port Alfred
 Asking price: R49000                                                          1/3

Contact Roy Bengis by email at or phone 082 788 9135




Roger Darkes has found a supplier of very nice caps, embroidered with our AVCMC logo which we are offering for R100. Exceptionally good value. Numbers are limited.
Place your orders with Shirley Martin.
No cash (or preferably eft) No cap.



The Dashboard

(This is going on right now)



Some Notes from the AGM

by Ron Gush

Just for the folk who were unable to attend....

The new committee can be seen in the list at the end of this newsletter.

Club Trophies were awarded:
1  Best Restoration Trophy to Peter Viner for his 1946 Wolseley 14/60
2  Chairmans Trophy to George Armstrong for his willingness to help in every aspect of the club.
3  Clubman Trophy to Rob Houston for his help with the new clubhouse and providing the ceiling.

The Constitution was amended to accommodate Country Members - annual sub is R250
Full members sub is R350pa
Associate Members sub is R150pa

Finances: The Club showed a loss for the past year due mostly to establishing the new club house.

Clubhouse Security: Concerns were raised regarding security at the club during Thursday noggins. Dave Hawkins generously offered to post a security guard at the club every week.

Museum: Members are urged to display their cars in the museum at a parking fee of R150/month towards Club funds. Dave Hawkins will move his cars out in order to accommodate more members cars.


The Rear View Mirror

(Past Events)

Classic & Sports Car Insurance Placements
“We Drive Classic Cars”
We insure them with Great Care.

Approved Broker: Mercedes-Benz Club South Africa

Tel: 031 701 0226 l Cell: 082 781 4410


A Division of Smythe Financial Services cc Authorised FSP No. 16054



In The Boot

(Useful Baggage and Tools for the trip. And some accumulated junk)



SAVVA Tech Tip 133 – brake linings

Over the years I have been very aware that the brakes on my older cars are marginal and modern cars continue to improve the gap between old and new - with ABS, XYZ, Stability control etc. Incidentally, I recall my Austin 7’s handbook referring to the use of the middle pedal to retard your speed! Nothing about stopping the car! 

I have owned an early Buick for about 20 years and every year I’m aware of two things. 

1) Modern car brakes are getting better whilst the Buicks stay the same (or even worse). 

2) I’m getting older.

Here’s a story that may be of use to enthusiasts who have a similar problem:

Over the years I’ve had the brake cylinders of the Buick resleeved and the linings replaced but with no noticeable improvement, in fact, they seem to have deteriorated. I believe, or in fact know, they should be much better as I recall my old Dad having early 1950’s Pontiacs with similar brakes and he pulled caravans all over the country without braking problems. 

Reading an early Buick workshop manual I noticed they referred to the necessity of using woven linings. I spoke to a few brake shops about woven linings but they weren’t very helpful. Most just said their linings were soft enough for the job. In desperation, I took a rear brake drum and its lining and went to one of the very old brake shops in Johannesburg called Wingate and placed them on the owner Issy’s desk and asked if he could see anything wrong with them. Incidentally, he’s been in the braking business for something like 60 years. Without hesitation he said – you cannot use those linings on that old car as all you are doing is “polishing” the linings. That was so true as they were very shiny.

On his advice I had the linings fitted with woven material. These new linings were noticeably woven and had what appeared to be flecks of brass in them.

Bottom line – I now have brakes, or let’s say, much improved braking. 

Suggestion – when relining shoes find a shop in your area that can fit woven linings. Many won’t know what you’re talking about but believe me there are shops are out there who do. 

p.s. Wingate also suggested the fitting of a vacuum brake booster hidden away where it’s not visible. Being a stickler on originality I’m resisting this advice – however, I think they could be right.



Yamaha and Honda Motorcycles for sale

R59 000.00 each.  We live in Chintsa East, just outside East London.
Contact Edwin on 0829629520                                                    2/3



Bank Charges

If you deposit cash or a cheque directly to our bank account, please add R50 to cover the bank charges. You can pay cash directly to our Treasurer, Shirley, at no extra cost. But not to the bank. The Club can not afford the bank charges for cash or cheque deposits.

If you pay by EFT or bank deposit, please remember to reference your payment with your name.




Opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors or contributors and are not necessarily those of the AVCMC nor it's committee nor officials nor of any affiliated club.




Chairman:                                  Peter Viner           046 624 3552 or 072 825 9258
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Bill Martin              071 509 0169           
Clubhouse Manager                  Rob Houston        046 624 2530  078 112 5435
Secretary / Treasurer:                Shirley Martin       071 675 4570
Grahamstown Rep:                    Norbert Drager     046 622 6282 or 072 765 6448
Fanmail Editor:                          
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OD Inggs Co-ordinator:             Bill Martin assisted by Peter Viner
Other portfolio holders: 

SAVVA rep and Vehicle Dating:  Dave Hawkins     046 624 2214 or 082 453 2618
Webmaster:                                John Austin-Williams
                                                   (contact via George Armstrong for web content)


Tailpipe - 

by Ron Gush

Did you hear that the Swedish navy have painted bar codes on the bows of all their ships?
So that when they return to port, they can Scandinavian.

This is my last Fanmail. The task has been a pleasure and I thank everyone who has contributed to making it so. Editing Fanmail is a great way to get to know the members and keep tabs on what is happening. Well, some of the time... We have a great club and we all need to pull our weight to make it work. Please support George in his new position as FanMail Editor.

Our contact details are:
PO Box 2057, Port Alfred 6170


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