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June 2018



From The Driver's Seat

By Ron Gush

Sorry Guys, no chirp from our chairman. He is still sunning himself in Mauritius and is due back much later in the month.

All of the best



Through The Windscreen

(This is what lies ahead)



For Your Diary

Local Events

Thursday 7 June - 5 to 8pm - Supper at the noggin
Food will be sold on the first Thursday of each month
It might be hot dogs or hamburgers.

Sunday 10 June - 11am - Bonnets Up
At the Ploughman pub at the Bathurst Agricultural Museum. 
Followed by lunch - bring and braai, the pub sometimes offers great steak to braai. 
Buy drinks at the pub please.

If you want your car judged for the "Restoration of the Year", please tell Rob Wallis NOW. The deadline is 3 June but you might forget. So please pick up the phone: 082 334 0354. And bring the car to be judged. See the Criteria below

The rest of us will open our bonnets to discuss with (or amuse) our friends.
I'm not sure if there will be prizes, but it is a good excuse to clean it nicely anyway.

Thursday 14 June - 5 to 8pm - Motoring DVD during the noggin

Tuesday 19 June
Deadline for submissions for July FanMail. I will publish on 20 June.

Thursday 21 June - 5 to 8pm - Supper Night
Pizza / Fishaways.

Saturday 30 June - 9am to noon - AVCMC Museum

July - Visit Damant Lodge
Date and details to follow. Probably display our cars and chat to folk over tea.

Thursday 19 July - AGM and Supper Night
Nominations for committee members are called for. See the note below
Please bring your own drinks and a plate of eats - times are hard!

You must be a paid up full member to vote.
We regret that subs are to be amended as follows:
R350 for local full members who live within 50km of Port Alfred
R250 for country full members who live more than 50km from PA
R150 for associate members (no vote)
The constitution needs to be amended to accommodate country members and a letter will follow to that effect.

Saturday 11 August - Bathurst Country Affaire

Events Further Afield

10 - 14 June - Milligan - run by EPVCC - Oudtshoorn area

8 - 11 August - Magnum Rally - Mpumalanga area
This will be the SAVVA National Rally - the 50th anniversary.



Birthday Congratulations


01  Johan Nel
08  Colin Murphy
18  Charles Castle
19  Graham Samuel
24  David Dicken



Nominations For Committee - AGM on Thursday 19 July

Please consider possible candidates.

The following committee members will be standing down and are not available for re-election:
Ron Gush, Rob Wallis, Keith Schroeder and Roger Darkes

Standing down but available for re-election are:   
Shirley Martin and Joe Janssens (from Chairman but available as a committee member).

Standing for re-election are: 
Norbert Drager and Peter Viner  

Edits / writes the newsletter. The job does require a little computer savvy. Guidance will be given in the use of MailChimp, but the new scribe might choose a different format. 
(As agreed at the 2017 AGM, it is time for me to step down. The Club needs fresh ideas and I'm running on empty. It has been a fun portfolio which I have enjoyed for nearly 7 years. Long enough! Many thanks to past committees and all who have supplied articles and photos, covered events and generally made the FanMail editors job a pleasure. Ron)



Restoration of the Year Criteria


Restoration has to be completed AFTER July the previous year and BEFORE the Bonnets Up of the present year.

The car or motorcycle must be on display at the Bonnets-Up venue.

The vehicle must be kept as original as possible for that period. If a Ford product has a pre-cross flow engine, the restorer must stick to it.

Wheels and other accessories must also stick to the period.

Is it a “Nuts and Bolts” restoration or a partial restoration like a re-spray or a good clean-up?

Photographs of the vehicle’s progress must be produced.

The vehicle must be licensed.

50% of the work done has to be personal hands-on.

The Chairman’s Committee has final say in choosing the Restoration of the Year winner.




Roger Darkes has found a supplier of very nice caps, embroidered with our AVCMC logo which we are offering for R100. Exceptionally good value. Numbers are limited.
Place your orders with Shirley Martin.
No cash (or preferably eft) No cap.



The Dashboard

(This is going on right now)



MGB GT For Sale

 Contact Ricky Cooper at
 Asking R65 000. Thought to be a 1972 model                                                         2/3


The Rear View Mirror

(Past Events)



Croquet Day - Sunday 20 May

by Ron Gush

A lovely day for an outing. Overcast and warm. But the turnout was abysmal. 

Seven AVCMC members played a very enjoyable game of croquet before lunch - PA Croquet Club member Peter made up a very competent eighth. He certainly showed us how the game should be played, and gave some very useful coaching - but also blew a few shots too! And our very own Roger and Sue are very sharp at the game too!

There was no jostling for space around the braai fire. Lunch in the clubhouse was pleasant and homely. And the beers must be the cheapest in town!

After lunch our eyelids were drooping as they do on Sunday afternoons, but we hitched them up, girded our loins and went forth and enjoyed another game.

In spite of the disappointing turn out, it was a very pleasant day. Many thanks to Roger and Sue for organising.

The only old cars at the event

David, Barbara, Sue and Pam getting ready to "tee off?"

Keith and Roger



Knysna Motor Show

by Norbert Drager

My  Porsche 356 C and I were invited to Knysna Motor Show. So in the morning of Saturday 28 April, Johan Nel and I left Grahamstown. A serious Southwester with rain squalls accompanied us as far as Plett, when the sun made an appearance. To avoid major backups in the morning we parked the car in the show ground for the night and got a lift to the nice "Amber" B&B with one of the organizers. 

Sunday brought perfect weather to the obvious delight of Peter Pretorious and his team, who had to move over 400 vehicles (all selected by invitation) to their allotted spots. The variety of magnificent cars and bikes of all ages and makes was amazing and quite overwhelming for me. Johan, who had attended other shows like in George, was seriously impressed. The organization was faultless and what impressed me especially was how at the end of the day the big sports grounds of the High School were left in perfect condition. 

It was very nice for me that four other 356 attended and I was able to talk about them with their owners. The Porsche 356 A from 1955 won the overall Concours d'Elegance Trophy! The trophies for the best motorcycle and public choice went amazingly to a fifties Masarati Moped! 

On Monday morning we visited The Knysna Motorcycle Room, an absolute must for motorbike fans, with about 120 bikes, scooters and mopeds in a single huge room. Johan and I had great fun and the journey back was uneventful.

1955 Porsche 356 A won the overall Concours d'Elegance Trophy

Best motorcycle and public choice: Maserati Moped


Classic & Sports Car Insurance Placements
“We Drive Classic Cars”
We insure them with Great Care.

Approved Broker: Mercedes-Benz Club South Africa

Tel: 031 701 0226 l Cell: 082 781 4410


A Division of Smythe Financial Services cc Authorised FSP No. 16054



In The Boot

(Useful Baggage and Tools for the trip. And some accumulated junk)



Bank Charges

If you deposit cash or a cheque directly to our bank account, please add R50 to cover the bank charges. You can pay cash directly to our Treasurer, Shirley, at no extra cost. But not to the bank. The Club can not afford the bank charges for cash or cheque deposits.

If you pay by EFT or bank deposit, please remember to reference your payment with your name.




Opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors or contributors and are not necessarily those of the AVCMC nor it's committee nor officials nor of any affiliated club.




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Events:                                       Roger Darkes       046 624 2874 or 082 373 8181
Secretary / Treasurer:                Shirley Martin       071 675 4570
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Other portfolio holders:
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Tailpipe - The Swartland Rally, 12 May

by Ron Gush

If you were to ask me why we drove our 1934 Austin Ten for 2336km from Kenton to Cape Town, to Velddrif and then back, I would reply that, if I have to explain it to you, you will not understand. Save to say that it was great fun and an unforgettable experience.

We had signed up for the SAVVA 50th Anniversary Rally thinking it would be a fun and prestigious event and we were very disappointed to hear, via the grape vine, that it had been cancelled. But before that, we had also signed up for the Swartland - a 1 day rally from Cape Town to Velddrif on the West coast. The Crankhandle Club very honourably offered to refund our entry fee for the Swartland and we did think about it for a few milli-seconds. We had already got our heads around the idea of driving the Austin to Houw Hoek and Cape Town, so why not just drive to Cape Town? After all the road trip promised to be as much fun as the rally.

We planned to travel to Cape Town in 4 days, doing a leisurely 280km/day for the first 3 days then 120km on the last day so as to arrive in the big city over lunch and not in rush hour traffic. Each day we drove for an hour or so and then stopped for breakfast - and coffee and anything else along the way that took our fancy.

So day 1 saw us on the road at 06h30, lights on and breakfast at Nanaga. North to Paterson then west to Kirkwood and Steytlerville where we had pre booked accommodation. We got there just after 1pm and could have gone further. No worries, we visited a small private motor museum in Steytlerville, checked into the Steytlerville Villa, wandered around town and had a good supper at the Royal Hotel,

Day 2 we were off at 7am. 40km out of Steytlerville the tar changes to a 1 car wide concrete strip. That was no problem as we only saw 3 cars on the 80km between Steytlerville and Willowmore. But we did see lots of steenbok, duiker, kori bustard, blesbok, blue crane etc. And sadly, 8 roadkilled bat eared foxes. (Did you know that in the USA more antelope are killed by vehicles than by hunters?)

Breakfast at Sophies Choice in Willowmore. Coffee in De Rust. Lunch at a farm stall between Oudtshoorn and Calitzdorp. Calitzdorp was our scheduled stop but it was so early that we decided to push on to Ladismith. Phoned ahead and booked accommodation. It was very hot driving through Huis River Pass and the car actually did miss few beats. Recognized the problem as fuel vaporization, and flicked on the auxiliary electric pump and had no more trouble, running both electric and mechanical pumps in tandem until we crested the pass.

Ladismith to Cape Town is 340km. As it was Sunday, we decided to do it in 1 day provided we could make it before 4pm to avoid the returning weekenders. Up early and on the road by 6.30am. Pitch dark but no traffic so my 25W head lights were quite adequate. A beautiful sunrise behind us. Stopped at Ronnies Sex Shop for a photo. They could have given us breakfast but were still closed. Breakfast in Barrydale. Through the Tradouw pass and onto the N2 11km east of Swellendam. Traffic not too heavy, and there was a tarred shoulder in most places, but I will choose the back roads any day. It's a dragonfly road past Caledon - drag up the uphills and fly on the down. Coasting down one of the hills Pams cell phone GPS said we were doing 83km/h. That GPS must be pretty accurate - it agreed with my centrifugal speedo. 

Lunch at Perigrine farm stall. Crested Sir Lowrys pass and sighted Table Mountain. What a lovely view. Engine compression and wind resistance was almost enough to keep the Austin in check but had to touch the brakes now and again. Parked at our daughter's home in Plumstead at 15h30.

All along the way we were greeted on the road with flashing lights, waves, thumbs up and cell phone cameras. At all stops we were enthusiastically approached by folk admiring our car. And it is amazing how much more one sees of the countryside at 65 - 70km/h.

To her delight, we fetched our grand daughter from pre-primary school in the Austin.

Friday night was rally pre-briefing at the Crankhandle Club and a bring & braai afterwards.

Saturday morning we were on the road early to scrutineering and start at the Engen on the N7 north. It was a lovely rally. On roads we had never travelled. Some confusion when we found that competitors had been given different route schedules! You definitely did not follow anyone! But we did think we were doing particularly well if all these other cars were going in the wrong direction! It was not so. On arrival at the finish in Velddrif we were offered a few car games on the dock side. All good fun, then we retired to the hotel. Results were pleasing - we came 5th out of 25 entrants. And, if we had stopped dead at all traffic stops, we might have come 3rd!!! So, be warned.

Sunday morning we drove 37km down to Langebaan to a private museum - the home of the West Coast Old Car Club. All cars belong to Lucas Van Staaden. A lovely collection and amazing club house venue.

Then the long road home. Overnight in Ceres, De Rust and outside Addo. About 340 km / day. Stopped in Matjiesfontein. About 20 old cars were lined up outside the hotel and it looked like some sort of convention was on the go. But they were non-runners from the local car museum, moved out of the building for a wedding the previous Saturday. A day later and we would not have seen them.

We lost a hub cap before Meirings Poort. Heard it go, stopped and searched for nearly an hour with no luck. Annoying.

Filled up in De Rust. At Willowmore it seemed too soon to top up. But there is no fuel until Kirkwood. I was beginning to sweat when we rolled into Kirkwood with some 310 km behind us and 2 litres left in the tank. The car averaged 12.7km/l for the trip.

The last night in Addo was nostalgic. Our adventure was coming to an end! Drove through the elephant park - there were almost more cameras pointed at our car than at the animals! We were home shortly after lunch.

Sunrise over the little karoo

We were too early for anything

Velddrif at the rally finish

On the home side of Ceres - rising sun in our eyes, after a long climb


Early morning cloud coming over the mountain, little karoo east of De Rust


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