April 2018



From The Driver's Seat

By Joe Janssens

Ten classics were displayed at the Pineapple Cricket Festival earlier this month.

Our main event this month was the OD Inggs Memorial Run which started of with a participants Welcome evening at our clubhouse, where they could enjoy a delicious lasagne and salads prepared by Pam Gush and Daphne McNeill.

Although the number of entries was quite low, the run was very well organised by Peter Viner assisted by Des Hill and George Armstrong. All 15 cars except one did complete the 400 km route.

My 500SL came unfortunately into brutal contact with a combination of railway crossing and 2 potholes, resulting in a damaged oil sump and subsequently forced me into retirement.

Paulette and I however enjoyed completing the first day in the sweep car and on the second day we marshalled at two STCs catching out the cheaters.

I leave our editor to elaborate on this successful run.

Our next most important event on our calendar is the exhibition of our classics at the Bathurst Agricultural show which attracts more visitors every year and is always well attended and enjoyed by our members. Five cars from the East London Mercedes Benz Club will join us again this year. See you there.




Through The Windscreen

(This is what lies ahead)



For Your Diary

Local Events

Thursday 5 April - 5 to 8pm - Supper at the noggin
Food will be sold on the first Thursday of each month
It might be hot dogs or hamburgers.

Saturday 7 April - 09h30 - Bathurst Agricultural Show
Meet at the Clubhouse to drive out at 09h30 in convoy.
Display your old car. Drive around the stalls, hoot at your buddies

Thursday 12 April - 5 to 8pm - Motoring DVD during the noggin

Thursday 19 April - 5 to 8pm - Supper night
Bring and Braai at the clubhouse

Sunday 22 April - Picnic On The Lawn, at Norbert Drager's home in Grahamstown
Meet at the Civic Centre at 11h30 to drive in convoy to Grahamstown.
Or drive directly to 6 St Aidans Ave, Grahamstown to be there around 12h30.
Bring your own picnic stuff and drinks. Norbert has kindly offered to provide some snacks.

Saturday 28 April - 9am to noon - AVCMC Museum

May - Bowls / Croquet?

Sunday 10 June - Bonnets Up
Diarise the date. The event will count towards the Restoration of the Year.

Saturday 11 August - Bathurst Country Affaire

Events Further Afield

Sunday 29 April - Knysna Motor Show

7 -10 May - SAVVA 50th Anniversary Tour - CANCELLED

10 - 14 June - Milligan - run by EPVCC - Oudtshoorn area

8 - 11 August - Magnum Rally - Mpumalanga area



Birthday Congratulations


2 Brian Sparg
5 Peter Benyon
9 John Pringle
10 Glen Pellew
15 Joe Janssens
16 George Armstrong
17 Trevor Hoole
21 Ron Gush
23 Dave Hawkins
29 Jürgen Kartenberg



The Dashboard

(This is going on right now)




"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet"
(Stephen Hawking passed away in March - having lived 55 years after his doctors gave him 2)



Bank Charges

If you deposit cash or a cheque directly to our bank account, please add R50 to cover the bank charges. You can pay cash directly to our Treasurer, Shirley, at no extra cost. But not to the bank. The Club can not afford the bank charges for cash or cheque deposits.

If you pay by EFT or bank deposit, please reference your payment with your name.



1949 Singer Roadster - Restoration Project

Almost all parts are included. Motor complete with spare gearbox. Some woodwork needs to be re-done, plus all wiring and upholstery. Lovely project for old car enthusiast. R50 000.00
Tel: Dave Hawkins 082 453 2618
Eastern Cape 3/3



1937 Morris 8 For Sale

The car is complete and running.
Comes with a spare engine, gearbox and a trunk full of spares.
No papers. R70 000

Contact Joe Janssens 083 235 1101 3/3

Classic & Sports Car Insurance Placements
“We Drive Classic Cars”
We insure them with Great Care.

Approved Broker: Mercedes-Benz Club South Africa

Tel: 031 701 0226 l Cell: 082 781 4410


A Division of Smythe Financial Services cc Authorised FSP No. 16054


The Rear View Mirror

(Past Events)



21st OD Inggs Memorial Run - 24 & 25 March

by Ron Gush


This was the first OD Inggs since we moved our club house from the late Don and Pat Lee home to our museum in Hawkins Industrial Park. The new clubhouse was a perfect venue for the welcome supper on Friday evening. Dave Hawkins had moved his Rolls out and that made enough space for two tressle tables and chairs in the museum area. Lasagne, bread and salads were sold at R50 / head for club funds.

Joe welcomed visitors and members, thanked Pam and Daphne for the food and advised drivers to listen to their navigators and wished everyone well for the rally. After supper a number of folk were seen discussing something specifics on the cars in the museum.


It seemed weird setting off to rally in our Triumph Spitfire. All of our rallying to date has been in the Austin Ten, and this is a very different performer. A stranger came up and we chatted a bit. He said that his father had, during a mid-life crisis, suddenly lost weight, his hair turned black and he bought a Triumph Spitfire! I wonder what my kids are saying? Well, forget the "mid-life" bit for a start.

Coffee and breakfast at Coffee At The Mall was very welcome. At the briefing, Peter Viner welcomed all and thanked Des Hill for his invaluable help in preparing the rally. This was the first OD to be run with no M boards at STC points. All Self Timing Controls were clearly noted on the route schedule and visible along the road, thus making M boards irrelevant. Peter also warned of a huge pot hole on the Bedford road.

The first cars were away at 09h30, to Bedford via Grahamstown. Two incidents marred the morning: Joe damaged the sump on his Mercedes at the rail crossing outside Grahamstown, lost all engine oil and had to retire from the run. Bill Martins Morris 8 radiator cap blew off climbing up Fish River Rand. Water escaping onto the coil stopped the car. They were very lucky to find the radiator cap a little way down the road. They were soon on their way again and completed the run without further mishap. But an incident like that loses more time than you can ever catch up in a "less than 10hp" car. I know.

Lunch in Bedford at the Eagle Hout Padstal was pleasant and the run back to Grahamstown and Kenton was uneventful. It rained hard while we sat in our cars awaiting our restart times.

Fish and chips for supper, and a beer or two, at the Ski Boat Club was very welcome and there was much discussion about the day and results in particular. Competitors noted an anomaly that seemed to indicate an error in the marshals clocks. Overnight it was confirmed by the scorer that both marshall clocks were exactly 1 minute fast and the results were rectified - to various sighs of relief or mild frustration as the finishing positions were corrected. A weird error that was efficiently / smoothly handled and accepted by all.

Most of us retired to bed early.


The morning started out cloudy and grey. First car away at 08h30 to Alexandria. A brief tour around the houses, nothing to stress about, and back to Boesmansriviermond for tea at the Red Apple.

The fun started after tea: The route schedule required us to "bear left" shortly after the Kasouga river bridge. The instruction was perfectly clear. Nothing devious - Des Hill had set up a great route. But we missed it - and so did 10 of the 15 competitors! Just around the corner, the traffic was clear and we did a very smart U turn and floored it back to the picnic site where a marshall was strategically placed to monitor that we passed in the correct direction. Thankfully, Dave Salzwedel gave us the gap and we overtook on the bypass and howled past the marshall at full throttle. Brakes, onto the R72, and we had some catching up to do - it's amazing how fast a little car can go when the speedo and rev counter are covered! When Pam deemed that we had made up the ±2 minutes lost and ordered me down to 72km/h it felt as if we were crawling.

Handed in our STCs at Rosehill and headed to the Golf Club for lunch. And more camaraderie and banter.

Peter announced the results:
1 Colin and Anne Meyer
2 Carel and Margaret Buchner
3 Bruce Yendall and Peter Owen-Smith
4 Ron and Pam Gush
5 Dave and Daphne McNeill
6 Dave and Verena Salzwedel
7 Ed and Paola Johnson
8 Andrew and Annelie Murphy
9 Henri and Wilma De Villiers
10 Rob Mears and Jimmy Kamffer
11 Dave Dicken and Henrik Annesen
12 John Pringle and Enrico Contardo
13 Charles and Myrna Pellew
14 Lawrence Kopf and Norman Hickel
15 Bill and Shirley Martin

Bill and Shirley won the Oldest Car award for completing the course in their 1946 Morris 8.

Carel Buchner won the Don Lee trophy for the most desirable car - the 1963 E Type Jaguar. This was chosen by a vote by all competitors.

AVCMC won the Club award for the most entries in the first 6.

Norbert Drager presented a tribute to Mr OD Inggs in whose memory this rally is run every year. His speech is in this newsletter, immediately after this article.

Bruce Yendall knew Mr Inggs, who was the undertaker in Grahamstown for many years. Bruce told this story: OD asked after Bruce's sister-in-law who had not been well. Bruce said she was getting better, thank you. Good, replied OD, "I saw her the other day and it is amazing how they perk up when I show a bit of interest".

This was a very pleasant rally. The route schedule was perfectly clear and there were no ambiguous instructions. Competitors were free to make their own mistakes. We drove over 2 or 3 speed humps and those at a place when one could easily correct for time lost or gained. Well done to Peter Viner, assisted by Des Hill (the course and general experience) and George Armstrong (scoring) and Shirley Martin (secretary and treasurer only) the team of marshals. We look forward to next year's event and let's work to get more entries.

Click on this link to view all 74 photos taken on the rally:

Winners Anne and Colin Meyer and Joe Janssens
Note the "Bear Left"!
Colin thanked the organisers for a great rally

Capturing the essence of rallying
Dave Dicken and Hendrik Annesen pore over the route schedule

Bill and Shirley Martin won the Oldest Car trophy.
With Joe Janssens and Peter Viner
(I make no apology for applauding the guys who bring the oldest car to the party!)



The O.D.Inggs Memorial Run

By Norbert Drager - March 2018

This unique regularity trial (previously called rally) is held in honour of the unforgettable classic automobile aficionado Oliver Douglas Inggs, who passed away at the age of 88 in 1997. “OD” as he was affectionately known ran a funeral business in Grahamstown and must rate as one of the greatest collectors and restorers of old automobiles in Southern Africa. At one stage he owned 134 veteran and vintage cars, including such rarities as a 1908 Metallurgique Tourer and his favourite, a white 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Tourer. In 1968 he sold most of his collection, mainly due to lack of space, to overseas buyers.

In July 1997 at the general meeting of the Grahamstown Motor Club members decided to start a regularity trial to honour his name and a special trophy shall be donated to the winner. Since 1998 the O.D. Inggs Memorial run has been held annually and brought together the four East Cape clubs, Border Vintage Car Club (East London), Grahamstown Motor Club (now the Albany Vintage & Classic Motor Club), Eastern Province Veteran Car Club (Port Elizabeth) and Queenstown Automobile Club. These four clubs took turns to organize the event until this club decided to make it our own event. It became a very popular event, attracting up to 30 vehicles. The first run fielded 29 entrants and was won by the Hammonds from Queenstown in a 1975 MGB GT. The big winner’s silverware was donated by the Inggs Funeral parlour and the winning club trophy with the four East Cape club badges was crafted by member Eric Tasmer.

I took part in 16 runs with my excellent navigator Trevor Hoole and it is mainly to his credit, that our average placing overall was a 3. I recorded also the number of participants in these 16 runs, with an average of 27, lowest in 1999 20 and highest in 2013 with 36. It is very sad that numbers have dwindled recently. But the club has a history of poor attendance. Reading a 1997 news letter the scribe mentioned that of the supposedly 45 membership usually only 10 attend functions.

Let us all try to improve the situation now and show some more enthusiasm for events and by that give the organizers the well earned thank you.

Keep the old wheels moving!



Pineapple Week - Golden Oldies Evening

pictures by Helen Purdon of Harcourts

Ten cars gathered on the street outside the old club house in French Road and drove around the cricket field, parked and enjoyed the evening event.

Bruce Yendall and Mike Newlands

Martin, David and George

Alf and Roger

Norbert and his friend Susi who is visiting from Bavaria
They drove down from Grahamstown for the event

Joe sent this picture in.



In The Boot

(Useful Baggage and Tools for the trip. And some accumulated junk)




Chairman: Joe Janssens 083 235 1101

& Clubhouse Manager
Peter Viner 046 624 3552 or 072 825 9258
Events: Roger Darkes 046 624 2874 or 082 373 8181
Secretary / Treasurer: Shirley Martin 071 675 4570
Grahamstown Rep: Norbert Drager 046 622 6282 or 072 765 6448
Fanmail Editor: Ron Gush 046 648 3186 or 083 272 1961
Members: Keith Schroeder 046 624 4114 or 082 412 3378
 Rob Wallis 082 334 0354

Other portfolio holders:
OD Inggs Co-ordinator: Peter Viner 046 624 3552 or 072 825 9258
SAVVA rep and Vehicle Dating: Dave Hawkins 046 624 2214 or 082 453 2618
Webmaster: John Austin-Williams
 (contact via Ron Gush for web content)



Opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors or contributors and are not necessarily those of the AVCMC nor it's committee nor officials nor of any affiliated club.




sent in by Joe Janssens

A group of guys, all turning 40, discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at Wetherspoons in Uxbridge because the waitresses had big breasts and wore mini-skirts.

Ten years later, at age 50, the friends once again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at Wetherspoons in Uxbridge because the waitresses were attractive. The food and service was good and the beer selection was excellent.

Ten years later, at age 60, the friends again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at Wetherspoons in Uxbridge because there was plenty of parking, they could dine in peace and quiet with no loud music, and it was good value for money.

Ten years later, at age 70, the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at Wetherspoons in Uxbridge because the restaurant was wheelchair accessible and had a toilet for the disabled.

Ten years later, at age 80, the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at Wetherspoons in Uxbridge because they had never been there before.



Sent in by Jen Hume

Our contact details are:
PO Box 2057, Port Alfred 6170


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