December 2017



From The Driver's Seat

By Joe Janssens

Year end is once again upon us. Where has it GONE to….

The past month was sadly marked by the passing of one of members. Eden was a regular, active and enthusiastic member of our club and will be missed at our weekly noggins.

He left us without giving us a chance to thank him for his last contribution to the finishing touches to our new clubhouse, Eden sourced the carpet which is covering our floor. RIP.

The two events that marked this year were the successful O.D.Inggs Memorial Run and the relocation of our clubhouse to the Museum. I wish to thank all the members who made this possible.

Our new club badges and shirts are making us proud thanks to the efforts of Ron Gush and Roger Darkes.

Our last event for the year was our Christmas lunch which was once again very well supported.

I am also pleased to see the numerous restorations that are progressing well. The competition for the “Restorer of the Year” will be tight.

In closing, I want to extend a big thank you to the committee for their commitment and support in the running of the club this past year. To all our members: Thanks for your loyal support in all of our endeavours during the past year.

I want to end off by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

To all who will be travelling during this period, take care and drive safely.




Through The Windscreen

(This is what lies ahead)



For Your Diary

Local Events

Thursday 14 December  - Last Noggin for 2017
Motoring DVD

Saturday 30 December - 9am to noon - AVCMC Museum

Thursday 11 January - First noggin for 2018
Motoring DVD

Saturday 13 January - Anniversary Brunch at Rob & Maggie Mears place in Bathurst
Please RSVP ASAP (but by the very latest 6 Jan) to Roger Darkes 082 373 8181 or Rob Wallis 082 334 0354
Pay R60/head in advance. Get there by 12 noon.
Directions: Turn towards the Toposcope. Cross the railway line and turn right. Find the venue on your left. Or on your right - if you have already turned the last corner.....

Thursday 18 January - 4pm - 
Navigation for Beginners - at the Clubhouse
This short talk and question session is for all rally navigators and drivers. Be there if you plan to enter the OD Inggs Memorial Run. Especially if you are new to the game. 
The talk will be held in the Clubhouse while the committee will meet in the museum. All are welcome.

Thursday 18 January -
5 to 8pm - Supper Night
Bring and Braai

Saturday 27 January - 9am to noon - AVCMC Museum

Saturday 24 February - Croquet / Bowls

Save the date

Sat/Sun 24 - 25 March - OD Inggs Memorial Run
Go to the Navigation for Beginners talk on 27 Jan. It is all good fun and no rocket science involved

Saturday 21 April - Picnic On The Lawn, at Norbert Drager's home in Grahamstown
Diarise the date

Events Further Afield

Sat/Sun 10 - 11 February - George Old Car Show
Brian Sparg is keen to present an old car at the show.
Contact him, if you would like to join him, on 082 566 3637
If we get 10 cars on display the club gets space for a gazebo

Sunday 29 April - Knysna Motor Show

7 -10 May - SAVVA 50th Anniversary Tour - Houw Hoek
Wouldn't it be great to take part in this prestigious event in another beautiful part of the country? (We live in a beautiful part of the country)



Birthday Congratulations


4  Keith Schroeder
5  Colin Clayson
27  Rob Mears


2  Steven Harris
4  Hennie Van Der Merwe
5  Ian Hattingh
11  Rob Wallis
15  Bakkes Muller
20  Pam Gush
21  Nielen Erasmus
22  Fred Pittaway
25  Rob Houston
26  Hugo Nel

Classic & Sports Car Insurance Placements
“We Drive Classic Cars”
We insure them with Great Care.

Approved Broker: Mercedes-Benz Club South Africa

Tel: 031 701 0226 l Cell: 082 781 4410


A Division of Smythe Financial Services cc Authorised FSP No. 16054



The Future is Here

by Ron Gush

This is not really my stuff. It is summarized snippets from Popular Mechanics (which I suggest you go out and buy) and other material sent to me by Neville Koch. Plus a few of my own thoughts, of course.

The Olympic Games will be held in 2020 in Tokyo. The 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo gave the world the bullet train. 2020 will give the world the hydrogen society. The Japanese plan to have 6000 fuel cell cars on the streets and 100 fuel cell buses. Buildings will be powered by hydrogen. That's only 2 years away. So if you were thinking that your modern petrol engine car was going to "see you out", think again. Electric cars are coming, and sooner than you think.

Personally I am pleased that the Japanese are thinking about something other than just batteries for electric cars. The biggest problem with battery cars is that the national grid won't cope. So the motorist will be called on to pay for more power stations. And then the fuel levy will have to be applied to electric cars too. Hydrogen can be produced by wind power, as and when it blows.

How a fuel cell works: Think of it as chemistry that charges the battery in an electric vehicle. Hydrogen from the car's tank and atmospheric oxygen meet at the fuel cells, a thin membrane separating the two elements. The hydrogen is attracted to the oxygen on the other side, but only the hydrogen proton, not the electron, can pass through to meet the oxygen. Unable to pass, the electron goes up and around the membrane, which produces electricity to charge the battery. The exhaust gas is water vapour.

Japan also plan to have self-driving taxis for the 2020 Games. Ja, well, no, fine - is a good South African expression that comes to mind. No doubt driverless cars will work faultlessly. But, I resonate with one of the respondents to a little questionnaire we put out recently - I enjoy the drive. Whether it is just tooling along and enjoying the passing scene, or pushing the limits around corners, or flooring it between speed humps, I enjoy driving.


Mazda are still doing amazing innovations on diesel engines. Low compression ratio of 14.4:1. Injectors that give up to 9 little squirts per firing stroke. The little squirts can be set up to build the flame slowly - no diesel thump. They can also be set up at frequencies that cancel each other out, like active noise reduction. The exhaust is so clean that it requires no particulate filter - in those countries that are fussy about that sort of thing. So the diesel is not dead yet.

Airliners are expected to burn fuel produced from algae. A much better idea than using mealies and other food sources, methinks.

3D metal printing machines are very close to becoming reality. It's a 2 part process, printing and sintering. Extremely complex parts can be printed. Two types of machines are envisaged - desktop for development / experimental work and very fast machines for production.

We live in interesting times



The Dashboard

(This is going on right now)




We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Eden Bradfield on Friday 11 November. Eden was an active and long standing member of our club. A moment of silence was observed during the Supper Night on 16 November. A number of members attended his memorial service in their old cars. We offer our sincere condolences to his family.



New Member

Welcome to Colin Murphy. Colin lives on the Marina but runs a business specialising in brake components. He owns an MX-5. Perhaps he could do the Inggs in it if he keeps it a few more years! We trust that he and Lorraine will enjoy the activities of the AVCMC.



1934 Plymouth 2 door Coupe
Spares Wanted

Windscreen frame and some hub caps

Contact Cyril Adkins, Bethlehem, Free State, cell 0836051546                        1/3
 or email



Fund Raising and Other Club Issues

We are not going to meet our budget this year and have to raise funds somehow. This is mostly due to the number of members who have not paid their subscriptions. They are being approached individually. Any suggestions / contributions are welcome.

There will be a box on the bar for voluntary contributions of R10 or R5 each time members attend a noggin.

If you forget to wear your name badge to a club event, the box might be offered to you for your additional contribution.

The above is intended in good spirit and it is hoped that it will be accepted that way.

The committee has agreed that our new Clubhouse should be a No Smoking area. We respectfully ask members to smoke outside.




sent in by Joe Janssens

A warning to all in the area. Be careful about drinking and driving as we are getting closer to Christmas. Police are out checking on people. Last night I was out for a few drinks and one thing led to another and I had a few too many beers and then went on to whisky. Not a good idea. Knowing I was over the limit I decided to leave my car at the pub and took a bus home. I passed the police check point where they were pulling over drivers and performing breatherlizer tests. Because I was in a bus they just waved it past. I arrived home safely, no accidents, which was a real surprise because I have never driven a bus before and I am not even sure where I got it from...😂😂😂

(EDs note: When you have finished laughing, one should take note that "there is many a true jest that is spoken in words")



For Sale - 1960 Peugeot 403 Station Wagon

Not many of these cars around any more. Restoration project. In East London.
Asking R15 000.
Contact John Pringle 043 726 8530 or 082 718 5870                               2/3



Parts Wanted for 1973 Peugeot 404.

(1) Windscreen washer plastic container. Size: height 130mm X width 80mm X breadth 100mm
(2) Rear number plate light fitting or lens.  

Contact Charles Pellew on 046 624 4563 or 076 8490549      2/3



1969 Sunbeam Fastback Rapier for sale

Very reliable, has done two trips to Knysna, perfect mechanical condition, has had a complete thorough respray, new mats, electronic ignition, has the standard mechanical fuel pump and switch operated electric fuel pump for backup.
Asking R60,000                                                                    3/3
Contact Abie Fullard



Club Regaila

We have a limited number of Club bumper badges and these can be yours for a mere R200 per badge from Shirley Martin. Phone her on 071 675 4570.

Unclaimed name badges are stuck to the fridge in the Club House.

Club shirts in several sizes have arrived and are available for you to try on at the Clubhouse. Roger Darkes is your contact man. Pay R260 and place your order.



For Sale - Two Early Ford V8s

These cars are in very good condition and the current owner has already spent a lot of money starting the restoration / replacement process.

Needs a new carburettor and a fuel pump and it will run smoothly again.
In time it will require new rear window rubbers and window channel kits.
The owner has purchased some new parts such as a complete new set of window glass, some window channel bits and rubbers etc.
The owner also has some spares for this vehicle.
The owner has already spent some money on redoing the upholstery, tyres and some window rubbers.
Some of the chrome work has been redone at great expense.
Recently he has also had the radiator refurbished.
The owner also has some spares for this vehicle which he will sell with the vehicle.

Contact Mike at         2/3



1964 MGB Cylinder Head - WANTED

Please phone Rodger Kaiser if you can help
046 622 2781or 082 655 6696                                                 3/3


The Rear View Mirror

(Past Events)



Christmas Lunch - 26 November

by Ron Gush

14 old cars and a few modern ones gathered at the Civic Centre on a pleasant sunny Sunday morning. Roger handed out a simple quiz, the answers to which would be found, or guessed, on the way to Mpekweni. We set off at 11am. Road works made the trip hazardous as no one obeys either speed limits nor the "no overtaking" signs despite detours, loose stones, pot holes and the narrow road conditions. Speaking of potholes, Steven Harris had the misfortune to hit one in his Mini and damaged something which put his car out of the run. We hope it was not too serious and can be quickly fixed.

A great lunch was enjoyed by about 45 members and friends. Joe welcomed everyone and commented on the good turn out. Roger announced that Steven had won the quiz - amid some ribald comment that he should be disqualified for having driven the route twice! Well done Steven.

The American Auction (I think that's what it's called) was entertainingly run by Roger. A lot of fun was had choosing, opening and sometimes swapping the presents that we all brought along. A bottle of Nederburg Baronne got swapped so often it was quite difficult to keep it in sight as it flitted around the room! 

Well done and many thanks to Roger Darkes for his organization and running the event.

There was a dramatic change in the weather and we drove home in the rain!

Lovely sunny day at the start

Above: Jürgen, Gerda, Rob, Hillary, Alf and Mercia
Below: Des, Joy, George, Daphne, Dave, Mike, Jackie and (half of) Peter

Above: Norbert, Keith, Barbara, George, Jimmy and Dave

Good to see so many folk looking very smart in their new club shirts!



Recollections of Motor Sport in the Fifties 
and Sixties - part 5 Final

by Bob Duggan

Morgan Days

My involvement in the game kicked off with a 1934 MG PA midget with which together with a borrowed side valve Hillman Minx as well as an OHV Minx were rallied mostly in the wilds of Wales where I lived. It was great fun although my efforts met with a distinct lack of success but the motor sport bug had certainly entered my veins. Rallies in those days took the form of reliability trials much the same as our own O.D Inggs. Occasionally including special stages against the clock in which I did quite well but rallies then were nothing like today's. When I parted with the MG replacing it with a Morgan Plus 4 fitted with the TR2 motor the moment seemed right to give motor racing a go. Trials, tribulations, disasters and whatever else can best be related by a few reports taken from the motoring press, the 'Autosport' and 'The Motor Sport' magazines in particular:

Goodwood 1959. 'Duggan's Morgan retired to the paddock on lap 7 with a blown cylinder head gasket'. (In fact the big ends had given up).

Mallory Park 1960. Lionel Mayman collecting top honours in the unlimited class with Duggan's Morgan bursting a tyre at Lake Esses with spectacular results.

Goodwood 1960. 'In another race Munns hit a protective rail and was thrown from his AC Ace. Then a wheel came off Duggan's Morgan. The driver was unhurt'. Taken from official BARC Race incident report. 'Car No 61, Duggan, spun at the approach to St Mary's, on 3rd lap, hit hurdle and lost wheel, Driver unhurt',

Silverstone. 'Morgan Team. Six hour race. 1960. Duggan finished the event going quicker and quicker as time went on, which is only natural I suppose if you haven't any brakes to slow you down'.

Cheltenham. '1961. Duggan found little opposition in the sports car class, up to 2600cc and won comfortably',

Pembrey Sprint Easter. '1962. Bob Duggan's Morgan had little difficulty in winning with a class record'.

Pembrey Sprint July 1962. 'Bob Duggan, with his remarkable Morgan, broke his own record twice with a shattering 34.72 secs. Quicker than the unlimited sports car record held by an E type at 35.01 secs'.

Late 1962. 'Going, going,gone. Sold to Mr Joel, one Morgan Plus Four, green with hard top, for a lot of money, Previous owner Bob Duggan. Mr Joel hopes to continue competing with the car'.

That concluded my love affair with the Moggie. I'd enjoyed considerable help along the way primarily from my long suffering family but also from the SU Carburettor Company supplying me with a variety of needles to experiment with but above all from Peter Morgan who suggested that as I was making a habit of losing wheels he should give me a new set. It was also his good offices that allowed me to convert the front drum brakes to discs. I don't remember being charged. The Dunlop Rubber Company allowed me R 5 type and later R 6 racing tyres at a discount and Esso Petroleum with fuel but financially I still struggled. The car was quick as you've gathered lightness added by replacing it's bonnet with one which I'd fabricated from aluminium sheets. One inch holes were drilled in the ash frame much to the amusement of the Morgan crowd. Rear Koni adjustable shocks were fitted on the firmest setting to cure axle winding up and tramping and a little chassis welding from time to time. A great car but I wanted to move on.

Below: L to R: Mayman, Duggan, Smith, Meredith


Lotus Days

I was going to miss the Le Mans type starts, until then usual for sports cars, for being the youngest and possibly the most agile driver around they suited me well allowing me an initial advantage. Having sold the Morgan I needed a replacement and arranged to view a Lola Formula Junior but before looking at it received a 'phone call from a private team which were planning a season with a Lotus 23 B and a works lightweight Lotus Elite enquiring whether I'd be interested in trying my luck at Brands Hatch with the Elite. I jumped at the opportunity and despite losing it in a big way on one lap managed to regularly turn in by far the quickest times compared to the other hopefuls. The drive was mine, the following season an eye opener in regards to the difference between owner drivers as I had been and the others. For instance whenever the Patron attended a meeting he would ask the 23 B driver or myself to drive him there in either his Rolls or E Type. The racing cars trailered to the track by our mechanics. All very grand and a merciful relief from financial worries. Since I no longer needed a car to go racing I got myself a Jaguar XK 120, the first car I'd ever owned which had a radio and heater. Life was looking promising. I’d had a couple of seasons with the Morgan Six Hour Silverston Relay team and had been approached by the Kieft Sports Car Company to try out their new Formula Junior car but that wasn’t race ready so this invitation was very exciting.

The season went well, the Cosworth Engineering prepared Coventry Climax engine never missing a beat and in the dozen or so Club, National and International races never finishing lower than third. It was an education driving in company with some of the 'Names' of the day. Innes Ireland and Bruce McClaren in Astons, Graham Hill, Mike Parkes and David Piper in Ferrari 250 GTOs and Roy Salvadori in a lightweight E Type. Graham Hill won in a 250 GTO and I managed a 2litre class 3rd in the RAC TouristTrophy at Goodwood, collecting a little prize money, just being pipped for second by Dickie Stoop in a Porsche Carrera. He sadly was to die at the wheel of a Lightweight E Type a few years later. Not the first of us crowd to pass on that way but we continued, why I sometimes wonder. You might ask the same question to those who climb Mount Everest.You know the answer.

At the conclusion of the season's final race I received a request to report to the Stewards office. What the hell have I done now was my natural reaction but upon arrival I was greeted with smiles and informed that I had been placed third in the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy championship. I was aware of the championship but had never bothered to tally any points which I might have accumulated and had no idea that I was in the running. A podium appearance, champers and a little money made my day. The usual collection of dolly bird hangers on made themselves conspicuous although the positioning of some of their CofG s would have upset the handling of any car. Previous winners had included Mike Hawthorn and Innes Ireland so I was in good company.

The Patron, a John Parker, must have been satisfied with our results for he tried to get his hands on a Lola GT for the following season but Lola was having liquidity problems and sold the design rights to Ford. Their car became the Ford GT 40 so you might say we missed the boat. He then placed an order for a Brabham Formula 2 for me to campaign or to 'play with' the next season. My luck ran out when he packed it all in and got himself a stable of race horses. I bought the Lotus Elite and raced it now and then in 1964 but by then it was outclassed by the racing version of the Elan so in reality that was that. I had the offer of a Formula Vee drive but wasn't enthusiastic and declined. The RAC invited me to enter that years Tourist Trophy main supporting race, the TT itself now catering for Prototypes only. I think that David Piper, whom I’d got to know came second in his Ferrari 250 LM behind Graham Hill, this time in a Ferrari P2/3. My day turned into a nightmare when the FIA scrutineers found the Elites perspex side windows were a quarter of an inch thinner than the homologation papers specified and the fuel tank over large. We ran around and effected the required alterations. Not a good weekend.

My involvement in the sport and getting to know so many fascinating people was a privilege.

Editors Note: Many thanks to Bob for this fascinating, amusing, poignantly reminiscent series on early racing. Love your dry wit!



Morgan Club passing through Port Alfred

by Bob Duggan


The Cape Mog as it is styled is the Western Cape Register of The South African Morgan Sports Car Club and on this occasion ventured into the Eastern Cape for a week's fun and games, spending the concluding two nights at Port Alfred's St Andrews Hotel. When I arrived in the MGB GT it was all I could do to convince the thoroughly pleasant Hotel Trainee that I wasn't driving a Morgan and didn't qualify to enter the Morgans’ designated parking area. Maybe all sports cars to him look the same.

Thirteen brilliantly presented Morgans arrived together with two support SUVs. I think that the only use these were put to was to transport any overflow baggage for even the highly sophisticated Areo models had minimal boot space, the three Areo models in the car park were 4.8litre BMW V8 powered providing Super Car performance.


I noticed with some amusement the 'No Step' message stencilled on the passengers side running board, yes a running board indeed. Plus 4s were in  evidence powered by four cylinder engines, maybe Ford 1999cc but as the company used a variety of four cylinder motors I don’t know for sure.  Plus 8s with either Rover 3.5 or alternatively the 3.9 litre motor under their louvred bonnets were also on display. I gather that bonnet louvres were responsible for the only slight problem encountered  during the week for one of the Moggies had starting difficulties following a rain downpour en route. Bonnet louvres are designed to allow the exit of hot air but seemingly serve a dual purpose.

Two lovely four seat Plus 4s were noticed, one of which was I'm told the oldest car there being born in 1971.

This particular car boasted a luggage rack with a flat table top surface doubtless  doubling up as a picnic table. One wonders whether a white table cloth was secreted in the lady's handbag.
A brand new unregistered Roadster in a gorgeous maroon finish couldn't fail to attract my attention. I understand that the all aluminium bodied car is fitted with a 3.7 litre Ford V6 churning out 289bhp, takes 5.5 seconds  to 100kph and will set you back well over R1million if you want one.

Visually Morgans have changed little over  fifty years, a few inches wider to accommodate larger engines, front and rear track dimensions also increased, as well as much improved interior trim and seats, which to me were especially inviting although regrettably I wasn’t invited to put them to the test. Apart from  engine, transmission changes the front end has been beefed up or brought up to date. Front hubs and kingpins  are now more robust with rack and pinion steering replacing the previously fitted cam and peg box. Other than that the unique sliding pillar arrangement remains as it was in 1913. 

Let’s hope that the Cape Mog crowd enjoyed themselves and will visit Port Alfred again.

(Ed: Many thanks to Bob Duggan for a most interesting review. That must have brought back quite a few memories for you Bob...)



In The Boot

(Useful Baggage and Tools for the trip)




by Ron Gush

Do you know how to find our website?

Go to Google, type in AVCMC and enter.
On my pc the first four entries are for our club.

The fifth entry is for the Albany Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club in Australia. I did contact them a few years ago and we emailed back and forth a few times.



Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice Columns

sent in by Joe Janssens


Dear John
I hope you can help me. The other day I set off for work leaving my husband in the house watching TV. My car stalled and then it broke down about a mile down the road and I had to walk back to get my husband's help. When I got home, I couldn't believe my eyes. He was in the bedroom with our neighbour's daughter!
I am 32, my husband is 34 and the neighbour's daughter is 19. We have been married for 10 years. When I confronted him, he broke down and admitted they had been having an affair for the past 6 months. He won't go to counseling and I'm afraid I'm a wreck and need advice urgently. Can you please help?
Sincerely, Sheila

Dear Sheila
A car stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a variety of faults with the engine. Start by checking that there is no debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check the vacuum pipes and hoses on the intake manifold and also check all grounding wires. If none of these approaches solves the problem, it could be that the fuel pump itself is faulty, causing low delivery pressure to the injectors.
I hope this helps




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Opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors or contributors and are not necessarily those of the AVCMC nor it's committee nor officials nor of any affiliated club.



Tailpipe - Sleeping Policemen

by Ron Gush

Elsewhere in this edition I touched on speed-humps. Also known as sleeping policemen. I hate speed-humps. They are a waste of brake linings and petrol. As for these horrible little metal domes.....

Sure they reduce motorist speed - but only close to the hump. Movable speed traps (and fines) work much better, but we all know that they have been hated by motorists ever since the spark plug was invented.

Let me put it this way. Have you noticed that most cars obey the 80km/h speed limit at Colchester? We didn't like it. We got fined. The authorities could have achieved much the same effect with speed-humps. Would we have liked that?


Someone sent me that a while ago. Now what could have called it to mind? Must have been some act of humungous stupidity on the R72......

Have a great Christmas - and beware of the other fools on the road.

Our contact details are:
PO Box 2057, Port Alfred 6170


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