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September 2016



From The Driver's Seat

By Joe Janssens

The monthly fun run to Manly Flats was again well attended thanks to Bruce and Rob’s team work. This was the first outing for Bruce’s newly, beautifully re-sprayed Chev, as well as for Bill and Shirley's recently restored 1946 Morris 8.

While on a trip to Pretoria at end of July, I had the opportunity to attend the 37th edition of “CARS IN THE PARK” at the Zwartkops Raceway, west of Pretoria.

There were about 8 000 paying spectators in the total 15 000 visitors. More than 2 700 vehicles ( 15% more then last year ) were on display. The number of clubs involved was 173.

These very successful results were particularly satisfying for the Pretoria Old Motor Club, which organises this popular annual event, as 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of founding of the club.



Above left: 1939 DKW original                                         Above right: 1929 Auburn 120 Speedster
Below left: 1914 Cadilac                                                   Below right: Chevrolet



Through The Windscreen

(This is what lies ahead)



For Your Diary

Thursday 8 Sept - 5 to 8pm - Motoring DVD at the Noggin
Joe Janssens presents a motoring DVD

Monday 12 Sept - 12h30
The MG Club from Johannesburg will be visiting our museum as part of their tour de East Cape. Go if you would like to meet them and / or have a look at their cars.

Thursday 15 Sept - 5 to 8pm - Supper night
Rob will be providing his famous hamburgers. Bring some cash.

Sunday 18 Sept - 11am - Club Outing
Meet at the Club Museum to depart at 11am. We will end at The Ploughman (Bathurst Agricultural Museum) where braai fires are provided. You can bring your own meat BUT please buy drinks from their pub.

Saturday 24 Sept - 9 to 12noon - AVCMC Museum
Bring your friends and old cars

Sunday 30 Oct - 11am - Club outing
Diarise the date.



SUBS are Overdue

Subs were due by the AGM in July. Regrettably only about half of our members have paid up. Please check with Shirley if you think you have paid. R150 for full members and R60 for Associates. There has been no increase for a few years now.

Our bank details are AVCMC, Standard Bank account number 284059188



Birthday Congratulations - September


2  Mike Newlands
6  Derek Bowker
10  Des Hill
16  Sue Darkes
16  Bob Duggan
24  Joy Hill
25  Sigrid Drews
(Editors Note: I see Sigrids car in the lineup at Manley Flats.
It is a truly great achievement that Sigrid is our most senior member and participates in most of the Club activities. Congratulations Sigrid, on reaching a milestone birthday and being an exemplary member. And a great lady!)



Kowie Brake & Clutch

Kowie Brake and Clutch still caters for all your braking, hydraulic and clutch requirements.
We now also have an engineering workshop in which we can manufacture a range of to spec items. We also build trailers, bowling green polishers and cricket pitch rollers.
For these latest products visit
Contact us on: 046 636 1156



Motoring Column

by Ron Gush

I have not been overrun with response. Do I detect that a deathly hush has descended over the club? But then I have been away for a bit. So if you are still thinking about it, go on and have a go. The position is still vacant.

There are no strings attached. Well, not really. Your participation in the production of this noble publication will not automatically make you the next editor. Although, if the truth is to be told (and remember never to let the truth spoil a good story) if you do a smashingly good job of it, some members might remember and elect you when they have had enough of me (or when I have had enough of the job). So you are permitted, though not encouraged, to screw it up a bit. Actually it is a very enjoyable job. We have a great Club and Committee and it gives one the opportunity to print some rubbish of your own now and again.

There, now the truth has been told.



The Dashboard

(This is going on right now)



On The Lighter Side

Sent in by Shirley Roux:

My neighbour was working in his yard when he was startled by a late model car that came crashing through his hedge and ended up in his front  lawn.

He rushed to help the elderly lady driver out of the car and sat her down on a lawn chair.

He said with excitement, "You appear quite elderly to be driving.”

"Well, yes, I am," she replied proudly. "I'll be 97 next month, and I am now old enough that I don't even need a driver's license anymore.”

"You don't need a driver's license anymore?!?”

"That's right! The last time I went to my doctor, he examined me and asked if I had a driver's license. I told him 'yes' and handed it to him.  He took scissors out of the drawer, cut the license into pieces, and threw them in the waste basket, saying, 'You won't need this anymore’.

So I thanked him and left!”



The Rear View Mirror

(Past Events)



Remember Jan Hettema

It is with sadness that we report that Jan died in an armed attack on his smallholding near Cullinan on 29 June. He was 82 years old. Jan was best known as a Springbok rally and track racing driver but he also won Springbok colours for cycling in 1955. You can read a full obituary on



Outing To Manleys Flats

by Rob Wallis

The weather was fantastic and we had a really good turnout. 14 cars and 28 people.

The run started from the Car Museum and was led out by the restoration car of the year driven by Bill Martin. The starting of the cars was staggered to try and prevent causing a hazard at clue spots.

The clues were amended by Bruce Yendall who was worried about the ability of our drivers, not good at multitasking. Doesn’t say much for their faith in their navigators.

Thankfully all the cars arrived at Manley Flats although the distance travelled seemed to vary.

It was great to see Neville and Sue Koch who had joined us from Grahamstown in their Ford.

I am very happy that no car got all the questions correct and I was very glad that most cars entered into the spirit of the run and had very useful items in their rally kit. Daphne and Dave left very little at home.

The winners were Rob and Maggie Mears, I think local knowledge played a strong part and the fact that Rob carries all his spare parts in the Fiat anyway had a huge influence on their success.

The venue was fantastic and thanks to Bruce for arranging access. We really should make use of these facilities again.

The next event is on the 18th September and don’t forget the Hamburger night is on the 15th.

Thanks to all for making it a great day


Cars under the trees at Manley Flats



Interview with Bill and Shirley Martin on the Restoration of their Morris Eight

by Ron Gush


Bill Martin was awarded the prestigious Best Restoration Trophy at our recent AGM. And rightly so, for the magnificent job he and Shirley have done. They can be really proud of this achievement. This interview is a modest attempt to capture a summary of the story.

The Car:
Morris Eight - E series 1946

Have you given the car a name?
Not yet. We need to drive it for a bit.

Was this a one man project or did you both work on it?
Shirley admitted that she helped with the interior and occasionally passing spanners and reaching into small spaces which required small nimble hands.

Do you know any previous history of the car?
Bill bought it from Des Hill some 5 years ago. It had been standing for many years at Sunrise on Sea when Des acquired it. It was a non-runner but “complete” and Des removed the body, painted the chassis, fitted shock absorbers and replaced the tyres. He stopped working on it when he acquired the Plymouth.

Why did you choose this car - did you own one previously?
No, Bill was looking for a hobby. Any car.

Restoration work:
Only the paint was holding the roof on! So there was a lot of body work.

Bill had to do the paint job twice - rubbing it down to shiny metal each time. The problem was invisible pin holes of rust causing the paint to bubble. The second paint job started with a rust converter before undercoating. There are still a few spots that Bill is unhappy about.

The engine needed a full overhaul. The con rods were assembled in the wrong order, and bearing caps were attached to the wrong con rods. Fortunately the bores and crank were in perfect condition and needed no machining.

Interestingly, one has to be very careful not to drop the valve cotters into the sump of the side valve engine. The hand book recommends plugging the oil drain holes with rags. Well, a previous restorer had turned nice wooden plugs to fit the drain holes - and had left them in place!

What was the most interesting thing about this car?
The air con! The windscreen can be opened for extra ventilation.

What was your most difficult task?
The upholstery. Mainly the head-lining. Bill and Shirley did it all themselves except for the seats which they had professionally re-upholstered. (And let me add that they have done a superb job on this interior. Ron)

The final coat of paint was professionally applied by Scratch and Dent.


Do you have any future work in mind?
The windscreen wiper (singular, not wipers) is slow. Bill has converted the car from 6 to 12 volt and put a resistor into the wiper circuit. The resistance is no doubt a bit high.

The car is noisy probably due to a cheap exhaust silencer. This needs to be upgraded.

The headlights are good - Bill has fitted sealed beams behind the original lenses. But there is no bright indication on the dash board.

There are no sunvisors and he is considering fitting them.



In The Boot

(Useful Baggage and Tools that we need for the trip)



SAVVA “Classic” Cars Categories

Sent in by Joe Janssens

Class A - Ancestor - Built prior to December 31, 1904

Class B - Veteran - Built between January 1905 & December 31, 1918 
Generally the above classes are rallied together under the banner of Veteran

Class C - Vintage - Built between January 1919 & December 31, 1930

Class D - Post Vintage - Built between January 1931 & December 31, 1945

Class E - Post War - Built between January 1946 & December 31, 1960

Class F - Post 60 - Built between January 1961 & December 31, 1970

Class G - Post 70 - Built between January 1971 & the SAVVA age Limit as defined in the Constituition



Austin Cambridge for sale

1960. Non-runner. In Pretoria. R5000 or nearest offer.
Contact Bill Martin on 071 509 0169 or click here to email him.         1/3



Repairs to Starters and Generators

Keith Schroeder is an expert on starter motors, generators, regulators and alternators and is offering to help members with any problems they may have.
Contact him on  082 412 3778.                                                              2/3



Car Magazines

Dave Hawkins has several boxes of old Car Magazines. Any member interested can collect them from Dave - otherwise they will be advertised for sale.
here to email Dave or phone him on 082 453 2618.                                      2/3



1934 Dodge/Plymouth engine wanted

to complete the restoration of my Dodge DR.
Please contact Tom Manser on his cell - 072 554 5316                                       3/3
or email



Wire Wheels Wanted

Mike Leisegang is looking for 3-4 1929 Chevrolet wire wheels                                3/3
Please contact Mike on 082 857 8733
or click here to send him an email



Parts for a 1936 Morris offered

Complete engine, gearbox and diff. Don't know condition.

Also various suspension parts as only the body will be used to build a Radrod.

 Contact owner directly on 0823769708, Gerrie.                                   3/3




Chairman:                                 Joe Janssens      083 235 1101               
and Events Co-ordinator:          Rob Wallis           082 334 0354        
Secretary / Treasurer:               Shirley Martin      071 675 4570
Grahamstown Rep:                   Norbert Drager    046 622 6282 or 072 765 6448
Fanmail Editor:                          Ron Gush            046 648 3186 or 083 272 1961
Members:                                  Keith Schroeder  046 624 4114 or 082 412 3378
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                                                  Peter Viner          046 624 3552 or 082 831 5769

Other portfolio holders:
OD Inggs Co-ordinator:             George Armstrong 072 347 0924
SAVVA rep and Vehicle Dating: Des Hill               083 228 6774
assisted by:                                Dave Hawkins    046 624 2215 or 082 453 2618
Clubhouse Manager:                 tba
Webmaster:                               John Austin-Williams (contact via Ron Gush for Club web content)

Classic & Sports Car Insurance Placements
“We Drive Classic Cars”
We insure them with Great Care.
Tel: 031 701 0226 l Cell: 082 781 4410
A Division of Smythe Financial Services cc Authorised FSP No. 16054



Tailpipe - Some Rules for Safe Driving in Africa

by Ron Gush

1   WOFTOF - means 'Watch Out For The Other Fools' on the road. (Note the implication that I am one of them.)

2   Overtaking might be the most dangerous thing you ever do. Make sure you can overtake in half the distance that you can see. The on-coming car might need the other half.

3   On very narrow roads, usually mountainous twisty roads, where there is not enough space to pass an oncoming car, make sure that you can stop in half the distance that you can see. The on-coming car will need the other half. Refer to Rule 1.

4   On normal roads, make sure you can stop in the distance you can see. That means at night too. That way, cattle, donkeys, parked unlighted trucks and stray pedestrians on the road will not be a problem. Okay, not one of us drives slowly enough to avoid the odd bushbuck that runs out of the bush.

5   Don't get annoyed by drivers that drive at 40km/h anywhere. If your brain can not go faster than 40km/h then neither should your car. Make allowances for the slower guys. Yes, I agree they should not be on freeways, but then we do live in Africa....

6   Get annoyed by drivers who drive at 140km/h anywhere.

7   There is no such thing as a dangerous road. There are only dangerous drivers. If the road is twisty, slow down. Wet? Slow down. Rain or misty? Slow down. Slippery? Slow down. Steep down hill? Slow down. Towing a heavy trailer? Slow down. Refer to Rule number 1.

8   Smooth tyres do not make a vehicle un-roadworthy. Racing cars drive on smooth tyres. Racing cars drive very fast. Racing drivers are not stupid, if it starts to rain they slow down and perhaps or probably change their tyres. The same applies to your car. Problem is that the Cops don't like smooth tyres. Also, your insurance won't pay if your tyre treads are below minimum depth. So, because the other fools won't drive appropriately (read: slow down), we all pay for their folly.

9   The above are my personal views and not those of any club or organisation. But, consider them and we might not kill 40 people per day on SA roads.

Our contact details are:
PO Box 2057, Port Alfred 6170


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