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March 2016

From The Driver's Seat

By Joe Janssen

This year I decided to take my 280SL to the George Car Show. The trip started early Friday morning when we joined the East London Mercedes Benz club convoy to George. Our first stop was a detour to Cannon Rocks to enjoy a birthday breakfast for one of our members. After a glass of champagne, bacon and eggs and cake, the 6 cars convoy was back on the road. The weather couldn?t have been better. Next pit stop was at Plett, where another member joined us, for refuel, a snack and back on the road. After another stop at Knysna for tea we finally reached George safely without any problems where we booked in at our respective accommodations, had a quick shower and joined about 20 other members at the King George Protea Hotel where a buffet was organised.

Early Saturday morning the 280SL proceeded to the George Car Show where she was parked at her reserved spot within the Mercedes Benz Club area. The weather was fortunately on our side for that day, a little bit of early morning drizzle, there after sun shine all day. After wiping the car dry we enjoyed the day at the show. The quality of the cars on show was once again of a high standard. The cut off date for the participating cars was 1976 and the special invites was for Chevrolet. Paulette and I enjoyed the day walking amongst the 900 beauties and meeting and chatting to old friends from the Pretoria Old Motor Club. I met briefly with Dave and Dalene who made the trip by bike.

The Saturday evening the M-B Club members were invited to Waldo Scribante?s house, where he houses his own museum (SCRIBS BENZEUM), for a sheep braai. About 80 members attended the function and spent their time looking at the 40 odd stunning classic Mercedeses, workshop and amazing collection of over 1000 model cars and regalia.

Sunday we cruised back to Port Alfred with a Pit Stop at Sedgfield for coffee at friends and another at Jeffries for a Valentine?s lunch. Back home safe in the late afternoon.

This month?s bring and braai was well attended and we were once again spoiled with chocolate brownies made by Maggie.

The Fun Run and picnic attracted 9 entries and ended with a pleasant picnic by the sea.

DO NOT FORGET to enter the O.D. Inggs!


Just one of the magnificent displays at the George Show

Through The Windscreen

This is what lies ahead

Thursday 10 March - 5 to 8pm - Motoring DVD at the Noggin
Joe Janssens presents a motoring DVD

Monday 14 March - 5pm - Pineapple Tournament
Meet at 5pm in the street outside the Clubhouse to drive around the block and cricket field. Park and display your old cars and enjoy a beer and light refreshments.

Thursday 17 March - 5 to 8pm - Noggin only
No supper tonight

Friday 18 March - 5 to 8pm - Bring and Braai
Welcome to all competitors and friends to the OD Inggs Rally. Reminder: visitors, please bring your own drinks.

19 and 20 March - OD Inggs Rally
Scrutineering starts at 08h00 at Rosehill Mall
First car away at 09h30
Entries close on 7 March. Forms are on our website, click on Upcoming Events or, to send an email to the organisers, click here for Bill or Shirley Martin.

Saturday 26 March - 9 to 12noon - AVCMC Museum
Bring your friends and old cars

Saturday 2 April - Bathurst Agricultural Show
We will display our old cars have a good natter and kick a few tyres. Details will be emailed closer to the time.

12 - 16 June - Milligan Vintage Trial and Tour
Mossel Bay area. This is the "Comrades Marathon" of old car rallies! Go if you possibly can.

Birthday Congratulations - March

21st   Michael Knight
28th   Koela Coetzer


Hearty congratulations to Ivo Chunnett and Tessa Burger who were married recently.
We wish them every happiness in their future together.

Many Thanks

From Sylvia Jukes

Many thanks to all members for the Thursday evening (28 Jan) at the Clubhouse from myself, Bill's brother, George and his wife, Dawn. We were pleased to meet Bill's friends and enjoyed the evening.

Kowie Brake & Clutch

Kowie Brake and Clutch still caters for all your braking, hydraulic and clutch requirements.
We now also have an engineering workshop in which we can manufacture a range of to spec items. We also build trailers, bowling green polishers and cricket pitch rollers.
For these latest products visit www.facebook.com/protearollers
Contact us on: 046 636 1156 kowiebrake@telkomsa.net

Thought For The Day

Sent in by Charles Pellew: This was found in an Australian motoring magazine and this is how confusing English is.

If GH can stand for P as in Hiccough
If OUGH stands for O as in Dough
If PHTH stands for T as in Phthisis
If EIGH stands for A as in Neighbour
If TTE stands for T as Gazette
If EAU stands for O as in Plateau
Then the right way to spell potato should be:

Sent in by Shirley Martin:
I've learned....?That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.

Fun Run To Boknes

by Ron Gush

We met at the Museum under a grey sky. It was very good to see Des and Joy there, as well as Mike Legg and Carel Buchner who had other committments for the day and did not go to Boknes.

Dave briefed drivers and navigators. We were to do an informal run of a past OD Inggs from Rosehill Mall to Bokness. No official clock nor marshalls and only oveall time was taken. Well, most of us found out how rusty we had become since the last rally! Pam and I were glad we had decided to do this run in the Triumph, as the Austin would not have coped with the catching up that we had to do!

Seven old cars and 22 members and friends pitched at the Boknes car park. Chairs were set up on the grass, in a spot sheltered from the wind, and a good picnic was enjoyed.

Dave announced the results:
Charles and George were 3 seconds early. A remarkably good performance! (Mini)
Neville and Sue were 23 seconds early. (Alfa Romeo)
Dave and Dalene were 26 seconds late. (MGA)
And the rest of us also ran but came in even later!
Ron and Pam. (Triumph)
Dave and Daphne. (TR3)
Roger and Sue. (Jaguar)
Mike and Dagmar Dodds - visiting friends of the McNeills. (Modern car)
Joe and Paulette. (Modern car)
Keith and Barbara. (Datsun)

It was a very pleasant outing and many thanks go to Dave and Dalene Hawkins for organising the run. Thanks also to Shirley Martin who edited an old OD Inggs Sunday run.

Regret no pictures of cars - they were scattered all over the car park!

VIN Numbers

This note received from the Triumph Club in PE:
Make sure that you know where the VIN number is on your vintage car. You can be stopped at a road block and you must be able to show it to the traffic officer. 


Chairman:                                 Joe Janssens 083 235 1101
Vice Chairman:                         Rob Wallis 082 334 0354
Secretary / Treasurer:               Shirley Martin 071 675 4570
Grahamstown Rep:                   Norbert Drager 046 622 6282 or 072 765 6448
Events Co-ordinator:                 Dave Hawkins 046 624 2214 or 082 453 2618
OD Inggs Co-ordinator:             Bill Martin 071 509 0169
Fanmail Editor:                          Ron Gush 046 648 3186 or 083 272 1961
Member:                                    Keith Schroeder 046 624 4114 or 082 412 3778

Other portfolio holders:
SAVVA rep and Vehicle Dating: Des Hill 083 228 6774
assisted by:                                Dave Hawkins 046 624 2215 or 082 453 2618
Webmaster:                               John Austin Williams

Classic & Sports Car Insurance Placements
?We Drive Classic Cars?
We insure them with Great Care.
Tel: 031 701 0226 l Cell: 082 781 4410
Email: pat@smythebros.com
A Division of Smythe Financial Services cc Authorised FSP No. 16054

Car Wanted

I am looking for an MG A Roadster for restoration. Please can you let me know if you are aware of anyone looking to sell one.
Alan Grant
 - Pietermaritzburg
Contact by email <GrantAA@eskom.co.za>       3/3

Engine Wanted

Byron Cloete is looking for a 2.5 litre straight six engine for his 1950 Opel Kapitan.
A Chev straight 6 engine will fit, as the next best option.
Please contact Byron on 082 669 6416 or email byroncloete86@gmail.com                  1/3

Car For Sale

1969 Opel Rekord

6 Cylinder 2 speed automatic. SAVVA dated. Selling because of storage constraints.
Asking price R65 000
Contact Andre 0721250609 or 034-3152795 (Newcastle Old Hooters)     2

Tailpipe - 4 Days to Joburg

by Ron Gush

Pam's cousin owns one of those flat Mercs and he loves it. I asked him how long it takes him to get to Joburg and he thought 7 or 8 hours. If he's in a hurry, he flies. I said it takes us 4 days. He just shook his head.

Our first stop was lunch with my sister and her husband in East London.

We slept in Stutterheim and took a turn past the Engine Museum the next morning. You need to make an appointment if you want to get in. On our way to Queenstown we passed Thomas River - we need to do an old car tour up there some time.

Morning tea with Pam's elderly aunt, friend and cousin (the flat Merc cousin) in Queenstown. Then on to sleep in Matatiele. A pretty road that is not to be rushed. Towns full of pedestrians, open roads with stray goats and some drivers unconcerned about trivialities like blind rises.


The Gatberg between Elliot and Ugie





Sandstone outcrops at about 2000 metres altitude on Sani pass which reminded me of Golden Gate

One of the pretty little water falls on the way up Sani


It gets very steep and loose near the top

Day 3 we filled up with fuel in Himeville and headed up Sani Pass. Still a dirt road all the way up. One of the fascinating things about Sani is the geology. As you climb past 2000 metres altitude you pass rock formations very similar to the Golden Gate sandstone cliffs found on the other side of Lesotho. Similar formations are seen near Elliott. Also, near the top of Sani, you see lots of amygdaloidal basalt. The interesting thing is that you find the same stones on the beach near Oranjemund, Namibia. No doubt about how they got there. And Sani Top is the watershed between the Mzimkhulu and Orange river systems. A drop of rain falls here, splits and flows east and west.

Lunch at Sani Top. Probably still the highest pub in Africa at 2874metres. It was a clear day and you could see forever. A wonderful day for a wonderful drive. The road from Sani Top to Mokhotlong has been tarred recently by a Chinese company. There are still some gradients marked at 1:6 and hairpin bends that slow you to under 30km/h. Take care!

We slept in Mokhotlong at a quaint little hotel. There was no water in the taps. A 20 litre drum stood next to the toilet. Reception said there was no water in town, every day, maybe it would come on later. It did, at about 8.30pm. Just out of town a farmer was ploughing the terraced mountainside with a pair of oxen. School ended at 5pm. Some children called out Hello to us as we sat on our balcony. Not asking for anything, just practising their English, and being friendly. As the sun set, I was struck by the happy sounds of children playing in the streets and pathways below us. One does not often hear that in (the white parts of?) SA. The Sotho Bible in our room, placed there by the Gideons, was well thumbed - I found that interesting as the Bibles found in SA hotels are almost invariably pristine. The water must have been off during the night as we heard it gurgling in the pipes at 6am. At about 06h15 there was a knock on our door and a lady smiled and said "Hot water." I offered her the kettle but she pointed at the bath room. The only thing that was clear was that we had a language problem. She went into the bathroom and checked that there was hot water in the tap! We have stayed at this hotel twice before and it is not a fancy establishment. But the staff could not be more friendly and helpful. We love it.

Off to Joburg in the morning. The road to Caledonpoort border post was tarred years ago. Hairpin bends, very steep gradients, cattle, soil washed over the road by floods, construction and repair work all contribute to make slow progress. But it is beautiful. Immense mountains and vast valleys. People are dressed in anything from rags (a few) to traditional blankets (most) to very pretty colourful dresses. Much of the road runs at over 3000 metres and the bakkie was short of breath at any revolutions below the turbocharger. The Moteng pass, down the mountain towards the Free State border, is beautiful and awesome and long. We descended in 2nd gear, also using the brakes to keep control. Loss of brakes would be fatal.

A Police roadblock wanted to know, in the friendliest of terms, why we had visited Lesotho. We could be completely honest in saying that we love his beautiful country. We were not even asked for a drivers licence.

One more friendly border crossing and then out onto the long straight road to Joburg.

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